Small Business Coaching

We equip our clients with the knowledge, skills and abilities to become successful entrepreneurs.

Federal State & Local Government

We provide our government & commercial clients with professional services including: acquisitions / contract support / project management

Ministries, Churches, and Non-Profit

We educate and support the goals, aims, and visions of our clients with a selfless cause.

About us

RED7 Consulting Services, LLC is a consulting firm that embodies the belief of serving toward success. Our mission is to provide a complete array of professional and support services to companies in all stages of development. From the fledgling idea, to the time-proven enterprise, RED7’s services are designed to take your business to the next level and reach strategic goals. Berkina Porter, MBA, DBA (abd) is the founder of RED7 and is accompanied by a wealth of knowledge from her diverse experiences. Having held the titles of Chief Contracting Officer (CoCO), Professor, and even Real Estate Agent, in addition to holding many certifications, Ms. Porter masterfully uses her unique combination of experiences to enrich every client the company serves. RED7 Consulting Services, LLC is the product of a commitment to creating excellence in entrepreneurship, and creating an environment “…where it’s more about service.”

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Community Vision Development 2, Inc

Transitional Housing Program for Homeless Veterans and the Homeless.

Hearts By Alba, LLC.

Positivity Lifestyle Brand.

Veteran Housing Solutions, Inc

Housing Homeless Veterans Families

K.D.J Graphics, LLC

Graphic design company.

Gail Harts Community Center for the Performing Arts

Non-profit performing arts school.

Learning Ladders, Inc

Non- profit childcare and child development services.


Group Home for the Intellectually Challenged

Business As Usual, LLC

Janitorial & Custodial Cleaning Services (Apartments and Homes)

Elite Property Group, LLC

Property Management Services (Apartments and Single Family Homes)

Small Business Coaching read more

We specialize in small business coaching for all areas of business.

Federal, State & Local Government read more

We have several programs that help our clients obtain contracts from the government.

Ministries, Churches & Non-profit Organizations read more

Let us help you get the funding you need for your Ministry, Church or Non-profit.


Exceptional Service

Service is our lifeblood. We strive to exceed expectations and deliver excellence with every decision we make.

Industry-Leading Support

There is nothing worse than being left when you are already lost. RED7 promises to walk with you through every step of every process.

Unparalleled Success

We continue to stay connected with each client long after initial contact in order to create a community-focused network of RED7 success stories, believers, and opportunities.